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Jason and Kylie, Naked in School Chapter 1

Jason Brickland wasn't sure why his father had insisted on moving to this small town. It was a definite step down from the city they'd lived in before, and a definite step down from the school his father had coached at.

The football team wasn't bad, not really, just a bit... unprofessional, in Jason's opinion. On the other hand, in a small town like this, there was a limited pool of talent available— and at least the cheerleaders were cute, in a distracting and somewhat slutty way.

On the other hand, that was probably the result of the Program. His previous school hadn't participated, but he'd heard of it. He still had a bit of a problem really believing what he'd heard, though;blowjobs in class? Walking through the school naked, and getting fondled by girls?

If the rumors turned out to be true, he hoped he'd get a chance to be in it. Not that he had any trouble getting laid; he was the starting quarterback, and anyone who thought that he had the position because of his father rather than ability lost the idea after the first practice. His father was at least twice as hard on him as anyone else, making it very clear that if there was any bias, it wasn't in Jason's favor.

Still, he wasn't expecting it when he was intercepted on his way to his first class by a teacher and told to go to the principal's office. He didn't think he'd done anything wrong, at least not that would get him in enough trouble for a visit to the principal. Maybe there was a problem with his schedule?

When he got to the office, he found that he wasn't the only one called in. Sitting in one of the chairs in front of the principal's desk was a girl he vaguely recognized as being a sophomore, one of the brainy set. She was in most of his classes, but he wasn't sure he'd ever heard her say anything; she sat at the back of the class and didn't draw attention to herself.

Now, though, she was clearly terrified; her face was drawn and pale, and her hands were clasped tightly in her lap. He wondered what could be that bad.

Jason looked at the principal as he pulled the door closed behind him. "You wanted to see me?"

The principle smiled. "Come in, Mr. Brickland. Have a seat; you're not in trouble." The smile widened. "Neither of you are. In fact, I hope you'll consider this good news."

Jason sat down, puzzled. "Oh?"

"You two are going to be one of our first Program teams this year,"the principal said, beaming at them.

Jason blinked, looking even more puzzled, before suddenly grinning. "Cool!"

The principal looked over at the girl as she made a strangled sound. "Now, Miss Reed, this isn't meant to be torture, you know. You'll be surprised at how easy it is. Your father was quite enthused about it."

The girl bit her lips, shaking. "I'm sorry, sir, but I can't do this. I just can't. You'll have to pick someone else."

Principal Davis shook his head. "That's not the way it works, Kylie. You know that. Your father specifically requested you be a part of the Program. He was quite concerned about you, and sincerely wanted to help, and we believe this will help you."

Kylie's fingers gripped each other so tightly they were white. "It won't. Really it won't!" Her eyes were wide with fear. "And— and I won't! You can't make me!"

The principal sighed. "Kylie, honey... we can. We won't physically force you, no. But if you do not comply, you will be expelled, understand? And you will only be allowed to return to school when you are ready to participate for two weeks. No make-up work will be allowed."

Kylie turned green. "But... my grades! I have to... you don't understand, I have to get a scholarship. Please!"

Jason grinned at her. "Then no problem. Just take off your clothes."He winked. "It's not like it looks like you've got anything to be ashamed of."

"It— it's not that. I...I just can't."

The principal sighed. "It is your choice, Miss Reed. But there are only the two options."

Kylie pulled her feet up and wrapped her arms around her knees, crying silently. The principal looked at Jason with a sigh. "Perhaps if you went first, it would help her to get over her nervousness a bit."

Jason nodded and stood, quickly removing his clothing. "Uh... what do I do with these?"

"Hold on to them. You can put them in your locker for the day."

Jason nodded. "Okay." He looked at Kylie, who turned red and looked down at the floor, studying it intently. "Your turn."

The principal waited for several seconds before saying, "Miss Reed?You do need to make the choice, one way or the other."

She shuddered convulsively, then nodded, eyes full of tears. "You have no good reason to do this to me. I've never hurt you. I've never hurt anyone. You all say that a person has the right to say what happens to their own body. That right should not be disposable just because of their age. Please, won't you reconsider?"

He sighed again, and shook his head. "You must do what your parents feel is right for you, Kylie. That's what parents are for, to take care of you, and that means sometimes making you do things you don't want to."

Jason smiled at her encouragingly. "C'mon. It's not that bad."

Kylie glared at the principal, eyes flashing. "Yeah. Right. Whatever. I'm trapped, anyway, and you know it. You've got to think you're right, or else you're just a sadistic bastard with NO justification for this." She stood and turned her back to both of them, shaking visibly, missing the principal's almost invisible flinch at her words.

She kept her back turned, slowly unbuttoning her shirt and letting it drop, then stepping out of her little skirt. She paused for a long moment, hands shaking at her sides, before bringing her hands up to her bra, unfastening it. She slid her panties to the floor, bending at the knees and folding the white satin material inside her other clothes before standing again.

There are some women who could play football; Kylie didn't look like she could survive even cheerleading without being snapped in two. She appeared thin with her clothes on; with them off, she was even smaller than she'd looked before. She wasn't quite emaciated, just extremely delicate looking, with nicely shaped body, all slender curves and perfect white skin.

Jason whistled, unconsciously, as she turned and shook her hair forward in one motion, letting it fall over her shoulders to her hips. She sat quickly, holding her clothes in her lap, head bowed. The small breasts peeking out from the mass of hair were firm and perfect, with pert, up-thrust nipples.

Jason shook his head slowly. "I don't know why you seem so embarrassed."

Kylie sat with her knees pressed tightly together, shivering. "I don't like being looked at. I don't like being touched. I hate attention, and like this there's no way to escape it."

"That's the point, dear," the principal said. "You are a lovely young woman, with no need to be so afraid of your own body. I'm sure this will be a wonderful opportunity for you."

Kylie shot him a hate-filled glare. "Whatever."

"You're going to be looked at," Jason said. "That's for sure. You're... you're beautiful." He blushed.

Kylie looked awkwardly at the floor, blushing, and the principal cleared his throat. "Now, let's go over the rules. You know the standard ones... no clothes at school or any school function, no refusing a reasonable request, and Jason, do wear all protective equipment during practice."

Jason nodded. "Right."

"Good. Now, you two are partnered. That means that you are to support one another. One of the reasons you were chosen as a team is because you have most of your classes together. We encourage you to get to know each other. Your partner can be a strong source of moral support. Compare your experiences and what they can teach you. One other important thing: your partner has veto power over reasonable requests."

"What do you mean, exactly?" Jason asked.

"Sometimes it's hard to define what might be reasonable, and the person the request is being made of might hesitate to resist for fear of violating the rules. So this is a safeguard; if someone asks Kylie to do something that, in your opinion, is not reasonable within the rules, then if she does not refuse, you have the right to refuse for her, and vice versa in regards to you. Doing so too frequently will require review by myself and the school counselor."

Jason nodded. "Okay. That makes sense."

"That's basically it. Relax, enjoy yourselves." The bell rang and the principal looked up at the clock. "All right, then, try not to be too late for second period."

Jason nodded again. "Where's your locker, Kylie? Mine's right over by the classroom."

Kylie swallowed hard, her face still white. "Right by the door here, on the way." Her voice was tight.

"Shall we?"

Kylie nodded shakily. "Oh god..." she whispered.