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Jason and Kylie, Naked in School Chapter 14

He made it to practice on time, with several minutes to spare, and spent the first part taking out his aggression on the field. Finally, his father pulled him out to talk to him.

"So... I hear things got worked out," he said, sitting beside him on the bench.

"Yup," Jason said, nodding. "I got given some good advice by someone."

Mike nodded. "That's good. So what's with the freight-train act out on the field?"

"Remember the things I'd noticed that didn't seem right?" Jason asked, quietly. "I found a bunch more. I'm almost sure."

Mike considered for a moment. "Is there anything you can prove, son?"

Jason shook his head. "Not yet. But nobody manages to deep throat without gagging on their first blowjob."

"Could there have been other boys?" his father asked, frowning. "Or maybe she practiced? Some girls do."

"I doubt it," Jason said. "She was certainly inexperienced when she gave me a hand-job earlier today. And... she acted worried and guilty after the blowjob. And she's acknowledged that there's something she can't tell me yet. I can't prove anything, but... well, maybe she'll feel safe enough to tell me soon."

"If you think she's in danger, Jason, maybe we should talk with the police."

Jason sighed. "Problem is, I don't have any way to prove it. Just suspicions. I think there are some others who have suspicions too, though, so I'm going to talk to one of them later tonight. It might be that between the two of us we do have enough. If not, well... I don't think she's in any immediate danger of anything new happening, if that makes sense."

Mike looked unhappy, but nodded. "It does. I don't like it, but it does. Just... be careful. Don't put her in more danger by being a threat."


"I think I'm going to stop by her house on the way home and ask her out for this Friday," Jason said.

"Will that get her in trouble, son?"

"I don't think so," he said. "Her dad actually seemed to like me, maybe because I play football."

Mike grunted noncommittally. "It's fine with me, then."

Jason shifted uneasily, the sense of unease that had been growing in him all through practice spiking.

"Something else bothering you?" his father asked.

Jason shook his head. "Not really. I'd just like to get to her house to ask her." He grinned a little wryly. "I miss her already. I'm not used to this."

Mike smiled indulgently, then glanced over to where the cheerleaders were practicing. "If I let you leave early, the girls'll be seriously disappointed, son. You're supposed to use their shower, you know."

"To be honest, dad, that doesn't break my heart after the way they treated Kylie," Jason said, frowning.

His father's brow wrinkled, and then he nodded thoughtfully. "After she beat the shit out of Candy, yeah, I should have expected them to sharpen their claws on her. How bad was it?"

Jason smirked. "They lost. Ask Mrs. Rourke about how badly Sherry got smacked down."

"Good. Watch out for those cats, too... I doubt any of them'll go beyond nasty words, but you never know. But yeah, go on. Get showered and get out before they're done. You've just been sent home early for unnecessary violence on the field." Mike grinned.

"Thanks, dad," Jason said, grinning back. He hurried through the shower, finishing just as the cheerleaders filed in. They shot him nasty looks as he slipped out past them— all but the little brunette, who smiled and winked at him.

When he reached Kylie's house, Jeb's car was parked outside. He walked up the steps to the porch and knocked on the door. No one answered, but he could hear the sound of a man screaming, barely loud enough to make out the words.

"Get out here, you cock-teasing little bitch! Don't you fucking hide from me, girl!"

His jaw firmed, and he tried the door to see if it was locked. Unless he missed his guess, he'd just gotten the confirmation he needed that Jeb was abusing Kylie.

He was going to enjoy this.

The door handle turned in his hand, and the door swung quietly open in time to hear another angry yell coming from upstairs.

"Kylie! Damn it, when I find you...."

He heard a roar of satisfaction as he reached the stairs. "HA! Found you, slut!" Kylie's panicked scream was cut off by a loud slap. "Shut the fuck up, cunt."

"Please Father, please don't... please, I'll be good, please!" He heard something being dragged across the floor as he started up the stairs, moving as quietly as he could. He had to catch the man by surprise, or there was far too great a chance of Kylie getting hurt. He didn't think Jeb could give him a challenge, but if he got the chance to use Kylie as a hostage all bets were off, especially if he had a knife.

"You bet you will, cunt," he heard Jeb laugh. Kylie screamed again, and Jason heard frantic begging in what had to be Tibetan.

The stairs opened out onto a hall, with one door on the left, two on the right, and an open door at the end of the hall. Kylie's pleading came from the last door, and he moved towards it as rapidly as he could while remaining silent.

What he saw was the stuff of nightmares. A coarse rope had been twisted around Kylie's hair and went to a pulley hanging from the ceiling that was pulled tight, holding her on the very tips of her toes. Her wrists were pulled up behind her back, and and Jeb was tightening a strap on the collar that connected them to her neck. Her shirt was torn open down the front, and her bra torn as well, exposing one small breast. Lining the walls of the room were a variety of... instruments... suitable for causing pain but leaving minimal evidence, and handcuffs, chains, and leather straps were scattered around the room.

A heavy frame in the shape of an X took up one corner, and the other was filled with a sturdy, welded steel cage. Other than a couple of thick canes, he didn't see anything the man could use as a weapon, and he acted before they realized he was there.

"You're a dead man," he snarled, stepping into the room. Jeb whirled around, to be met with a fist to the solar plexus. He doubled over, and Jason's fist crashed down on the back of his head. Only Kylie's shocked, "Jason, no!" caused him to pull the blow; instead of a killing blow, as he had intended, it merely knocked the older man senseless, leaving him sprawled on the floor at Jason's feet.

"Jason... oh no." Kylie hung in the ropes, sobbing brokenly. "No, no, no...."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then let it out, forcing himself to stay calm. He picked up a pair of the handcuffs laying on the table and cuffed Jeb's hands behind his back, then cuffed his feet together. Before turning back to Kylie and letting her down, he dragged the man into the cage and locked the door. "It's okay. I've got you. You're safe."

She clung to him, crying, burying her face in his chest. "S-sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry."

"For what?" he asked. "You didn't do anything, that bastard did. How long has he been molesting you?"

"F-for lying to you. I'm so s-sorry. Please d-don't hate me, oh god, please!"

He tilted her chin up. "Kylie, you asked me to trust you. I did. I suspected this, but I wasn't going to force you to talk about it. It's okay." He kissed her softly. "How long?"

"S-since the very f-first night. I can't stand it, I can't stand that you know!" Kylie pulled back from him and covered her face with her hands.

"Kylie, look at me. Look at me!"

She shook her head frantically. "I can't, I can't..."

"Trust me," he said, softly.

"Jason..." she whispered brokenly. Slowly, reluctantly, she raised her face to look at him, eyes full of pain and shame.

"I. Don't. Care," he said, staring into her eyes, trying to leave her with no room for doubt. "I wish this hadn't happened to you, but it doesn't change anything. At all. I still like you."

Kylie reached for him desperately. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I trust you. I need you, oh god... please hold me, oh please!"

Jason pulled her close, holding her tight. "Kylie, there are some things I have to do now. Where's your phone?"

"NO!" She looked up at him with wide-eyed fear. "Don't leave me!"

He stood up, lifting her in his arms. "Okay. I won't. Is there a phone upstairs?"

"W-why? What are you going to do?"

"I have to call some people, Kylie," he said. "The police. My dad. Mr. Rourke."

Kylie started crying hysterically. "NO! You can't tell anyone! Please, please don't, please don't tell! I'll do anything, please don't tell...." Her pleas became garbled, an incomprehensible mix of English, Chinese, and Tibetan.

Jason glared at her father when he laughed nastily from the cage. "Shut the fuck up, asshole. You don't have a good way out. If I don't call the cops I'll just kill you. You'll never hurt her again."

"Aren't you just the hero, boy?" Jeb sneered. "You won't kill me, not in front of her. I trained the little whore well. She'll never testify against me. You're just the crazy boyfriend, jealous of even her loving father, who found out that I was a bit kinky and came up with a plan to accuse me of molesting my little angel to get rid of me." His almost-black eyes, nothing like Kylie's, glittered with a hint of madness, and he leered crookedly. "There's nothing wrong with it, boy. She likes it."

"NO! no no no no no!" Kylie cried.

Jason looked at her. "Kylie, I can't let him hurt you. And Mr. Rourke already suspects. So does his wife." He glared at Jeb. "She doesn't like it, and you damned well know it. I don't know what kind of a sick bastard could do that to his daughter, his own flesh and blood."

Jeb laughed maniacally. "Is that your problem? Hell, if that's all it is, don't worry. We can still share her. The cunt isn't my daughter. Her mother was a slut, too. Obnoxious bitch, turning her nose up at my friends but playing whore for every pencil-necked geek on campus. I've done better with Kylie. She's MINE you little shit! She'll never leave me, never!" He wrenched at the bars, tearing muscles in his arms, trying futilely to break them.

"He's lying!" Kylie said. "My mother wasn't like that! You cheated on her! She wasn't like YOU! I hate you I hate you I hate you!" She dissolved again into helpless tears. "Oh god, I want to die, oh please...""

"I think I need the phone. Right now," Jason said, slowly, an idea crystallizing in his head.

"Please... please... don't tell," Kylie said, her voice odd, the words sounding rehearsed. "You mustn't tell, you mustn't ever tell. We can't let anyone know. Please, please, I'll do anything to keep you from telling."

Jeb laughed and laughed, madness in his eyes, as he watched her.

"Kylie... didn't you hear me? Mr. Rourke already knows." He carried her out of the room and down the hall. "Kylie, you're stronger than that. Trust me. Please."

She blinked, her eyes coming back into focus. "Jason? Oh, Jason... oh god." She closed her eyes, shuddering, and nodded.

He kissed her. "Hey, do you know your dad's blood type?"

"What?" She looked at him tearfully. "Oh, Jason... you don't believe that filthy lie, do you?!"

Jason looked at her steadily. "Frankly, Kylie, I hope it's the truth. That means you wouldn't be related to that... that bastard. And I have a suspicion... and if I'm right, you'll be very glad it's the truth." He kissed her. "Think about it, love, would it really bother you that much if your mother wasn't monogamous? That wouldn't mean she cheated on him, necessarily, just like you wouldn't be cheating on me if you slept with Steve. And yet, if I slept with Candy, I would be cheating on you."

"She... she always told me... it was the only way to be safe," Kylie said. "Never do it, never allow it, because he'll hurt you if you do. She wouldn't, Jason. She hated it. Two brothers asked her to marry when I was 5, but she turned them down because she believed in monogamy, that it was the only right way."

"But maybe she didn't always. Maybe she got hurt by that bastard upstairs, and decided that monogamy was the only way to be safe." He kissed her again, carefully navigating the stairs. "Wouldn't you rather not be related to him?"

Kylie shuddered. "I... I don't know. I'm so confused, Jason. I'm so scared!"

"I know. I'm here. I'll keep you safe. Do you know his blood type?"

She shook her head.

"What about your mother's?" he asked.

"A positive."

"And yours?" he asked.

"I'm AB," she said.

"Does your dad have anything like medical records around here?" he asked, looking around for the phone.

"I don't think so." she said hesitantly, then frowned. "Wait... he was in the army. Look on his key-chain by the door."

He carried her over to the door, and Kylie closed her eyes. "Jason... I don't want to know!"

"I won't tell you then, unless I have to," he said.

She opened her eyes and sighed. "No... I have to. You're right." She reached out and took them, sorting through the keys for the tag. She stared at the it, growing paler and paler, until she started to shiver uncontrollably, and her teeth began to chatter.

Jason looked down at it as she whispered, "Mama...."

The blood type was plainly designated as 'O+'.

Jason squeezed her. "Look at me."

Kylie took a deep, shuddering breath and looked at him, totally lost.

"Your mother was trying to protect you," he said. "She got hurt. She didn't want you to get hurt, because she loved you."

"I don't know what to believe anymore," she whispered.

"Believe this. She wanted you to be safe." He carried her over to the couch. "Can I set you down and call Mr. Rourke?"

Kylie clutched at him, shivering. "Jason, why do we have to tell anyone?"

"Because otherwise he can still hurt you. Kylie, trust me. Please." Jason looked at her pleadingly. "I haven't changed how I feel about you. Neither will Mr. Rourke.""

"I... I trust you," she said, softly. "You can call. I wish you wouldn't. I don't think he would try anything again, not since you... know. I really don't."

"I do. Or he might kill you. He's not sane." He set her down and kissed her gently. "I'm going to call him. I'll be right over there."

Kylie nodded, pulling her legs up on the couch and wrapping her arms around them, as he walked over to the phone and dialed Mr. Rourke's number.


"Mr. Rourke?" he said. "It's Jason. We've got a problem."

"What's wrong? Where are you?"

"I'm at Kylie's. I caught him in the act." He hesitated, and lowered his voice. "Mr. Rourke, this is important. What's your blood type?"

"Caught him— where's Kylie? Is she okay?" Rourke asked, worried.

"She's right here on the couch," Jason said. "The bastard's handcuffed in a cage upstairs. Mr. Rourke, that really was an important question. So's this. Is there any chance you are Kylie's real father? That asshole isn't. Wrong blood type."

Dead silence for a moment. "What blood type is she?"


"Dear god," Rourke said. "Call the police if you haven't, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

"I'm about to," Jason replied. "And Mr. Rourke? Finding out her mother wasn't monogamous was a shock. She's pretty upset."

"I'll be there as fast as I can. Keep her away from him."

"Trust me," Jason said, before hanging up and dialing 911.

"911, nature of your emergency, location, and name please."

"My name is Jason Brickland," he said. "I'm at 1201 South Wisteria. I just caught my girlfriend's father in the act of raping her. I need a cop here to get rid of him before I just kill him."

"I'm dispatching a unit now. Where is the suspect right now? Are you in the house with him? Is he armed?"

"He's handcuffed and locked in a cage," Jason said. "He's got this room, with all sorts of stuff... whips and things. We're downstairs."

"Good Lord," the operator whispered, obviously shaken, then recovered. "I'm sending an ambulance. Is she hurt, bleeding?"

"No. He was very careful not to leave marks, and I think I actually caught him before he started using them." He hesitated. "She says he's been doing it since the first night she came to live with him after her mother's death."

"How old is the victim?"

"She's 16. She's lived with him for 3 years." He hesitated again. "It's important that she not see him, not at all. He's got her... brainwashed or something. It's scary."

"Don't worry. I'm briefing the unit," the operator said. "They'll protect her. Stay on the line with me until the EMT guys get there. Stay with her. She may go into shock. They're on their way."

"I need to call my dad, get him over here," Jason said.

"Give me the number and I'll get him on the line."

He gave her the number. "You might not want to tell him exactly why, just that I need him here asap."

"I'm patching you through direct. Hold on."

Jason waited, anxiously, looking over at Kylie. He heard the sound of dialing, then ringing, and his father answered. "This is the 911 operator. I'm putting you through to your son. Hold on." click "You're connected."

"Dad? I need you at Kylie's, right now. Sooner if you can. I caught the bastard in the act."

"Is she hurt?" his father asked. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he said. "She's... he's not her dad. She's pretty freaked out."

"I... son, do you need a lawyer?"

"No. I haven't killed him," Jason said. "Yet."

"All right. I'm on my way," his father said. "Unless... how bad is it? I don't want to scare her more."

"I... I don't know. But I think I need you here," Jason said. "Mr. Rourke is on the way over, too."

"Then I'm coming son. You be careful. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks." He heard the sound of sirens. "I hear the cars. Do you need me to stay on the phone?" he asked the operator, as Kylie looked up in wide-eyed panic and started to shake.

"No, they say they're there. Good luck."

Jason hung up and rushed over to Kylie, holding her close. "It's okay. I'm here. You're safe. You're safe."

"Jason... don't leave me, please don't leave me," she begged.

"I won't. I won't," he said. "Just tell them the truth. You'll be fine."

The door burst open and two policemen, guns drawn, burst through the door, looking around quickly. They stepped aside and motioned through a pair of paramedics who rushed over to Kylie. She cringed away from them, and the female of the pair glared at the male who backed away a bit. She approached again, more calmly. "Honey? Honey, let me check you out, okay?"

"You're okay, Kylie," Jason said. "Let her make sure you're okay."

Kylie was shaking violently, but she nodded, letting the woman start to unfold her. She clung to his hand desperately. The woman kept up a stream of soothing talk as she started taking Kylie's vital signs.

One of the armed policemen approached Jason. "You called? Where's the... suspect?"

"He's upstairs, hand-cuffed, in a cage. End of the hall." He swallowed. "Please don't bring him where Kylie can see or hear him at all."

The policeman looked down at Kylie, and his jaw clenched. He looked around, and walked over to peek through a door. Leaving it open and coming back to Jason, he said, "That's a den. Take her in there and close the door. We've got to bring... it... down the stairs." His partner had already headed up the stairs.

The paramedic frowned, but nodded. "Come on, honey. We're going to take care of you. You're going to be just fine."

Jason stood up, carrying Kylie, and took her to the den. He sat down on the couch with her in his lap. "I think I stopped him before he really managed to do anything... this time."

She nodded as she finished checking Kylie over, then frowned and pulled a blanket from the couch, draping it over her. "I want to take her in to the hospital. She's right on the edge of shock. We can monitor her and give her something to let her sleep."

"No!" Kylie said, panicked.

"Kylie, if you need to go to the hospital. you need to go to the hospital," Jason said.

"No! You promised you'd stay with me! Don't let them take me away!"

Jason looked at the paramedic helplessly. "Can I stay with her in the hospital?"

The paramedic looked at the way Kylie was clinging to him, and sighed. "Sweetheart, you need... shit. Don't cry honey, no one's going to take you away from him. We'll do what we need to do here." She looked up at him, "I'm not going to put her through more trauma. I am going to administer a sedative, though, and you're to keep her warm. See if you can get any hot liquids to stay down. If she's not any better by morning, bring her straight to the ER, got it?"

Jason nodded. "I will."

The paramedic pulled out a bottle of drops. "Open your mouth, honey, and hold up your tongue. There we go... hold it there... good, good, now swallow. Good girl. That should hit soon."

"Do y'all need to get her statement now?"

She nodded. "I'm afraid so. Yours, too," she said, as he heard a loud bumping noise on the wall outside.

"Okay. Kylie?" Jason said, "Remember that nothing you say is going to make me think worse of you. I already saw it. You just tell them the truth."

Kylie shivered and nodded. She went deathly pale as they heard Jeb's maniacal laughter in the other room. It lasted for just a second, before a cop swore violently and there was a fleshy thud, cutting the laughter off abruptly.

Jason hugged her. "Kylie? Look at me. Look at me. You're safe. I promise."

A moment later, the den door opened, and a different cop, one he hadn't seen before, stepped through with a notepad. "Hi folks. I'm Detective Ramirez, and I need to take your statements."

Kylie kept her eyes on Jason, and he could see the panic building up. "Jason... I can't... I can't tell. I mustn't."

"You can," he said soothingly. "You're strong enough. I'm here. You're safe. You can tell them. They know why you're here. You can do this, I promise."

"I... don't know what to say." He could feel her muscles relaxing as the strong sedative started to take effect.

"Just tell them the truth," he said. "Start at the beginning."

Kylie shivered again, and said, in a childish, almost singsong voice, "Bad girl, mustn't tell. Dirty girl. Never tell. You can never tell. Anything but tell." Her head dropped forward tiredly onto his chest.

The cop snapped his pencil in two.

"Kylie? You can tell them. It's all right. I'm holding you. Just tell them what happened," he said. He looked at the cop, his anger quite visible in the tense lines of his face, though the rest of his body was carefully relaxed.

"He'll hurt me," she said. "He'll hurt me and hurt me. He'll find me anywhere, and if I tell, he'll kill me."

"No, he won't. I'll protect you. I promise. You're safe. Safe."

"Only with you. Don't leave me," Kylie begged.

"I won't leave you."

The cop looked at him. "Why don't you give me your statement first, and then I can just ask her if she agrees with the order of events? It won't do for the trial, but it will for tonight."

Jason bit his lip. "I don't want there to be any question that I influenced her testimony." He looked down, tilting Kylie's head up. "Kylie? Will you tell them? For me? I won't leave you, I promise. I'll keep you safe."

Kylie swallowed hard, breathing too fast, but shuddered and nodded. "For you. Only for you."

Jason nodded. "I'm here," he said, holding her close.

The cop looked at her with obvious sympathy. "Go ahead, miss. Whenever you're ready."

"J-just tonight, or f-from the start?" she asked, shaking.

"From the start, love," Jason said.

Kylie closed her eyes. "M..my mother died when I was 13, and I had to come live with my... with him here in America. I did not want to, but there was no one else. I didn't know him at all. He picked me up from the airport, and told me that I had to earn my keep. My English was not so good at the time, so I did not understand him that well. I told him that I would try to make him proud of me. I did not know why he laughed until we got to his home."

"There he...." She broke off, biting her lip, and Jason gave her a little squeeze. "He... took me upstairs, into h-his special room. He tied me to the wall and c-cut away my clothes. He touched me everywhere, like he was examining me. He even made notes in a small book. Then he took me down and shoved me in the cage. He stood by the cage, leaning over it and... touched himself until he ejaculated. Then he left me until morning. The next day, he did it again, and again. When he left me alone, he would play a tape, telling me what to say. If I did not say it when he came back, he would beat me. If I did, he would give me food, or allow me to go to the restroom."

Jason looked at the cop, and though his body was relaxed, his face was a mask of murderous rage. He shouldn't have listened to her, he thought. He should have broken the bastard's neck.

Kylie stopped, shuddering. "I don't know how long I was in there the first time. But I was not allowed out until I behaved correctly, respectfully. I h-had to p-p-prove I was r-ready to be trusted. I...." She broke off, crying, and Jason hugged her again.

"I... had to show him how grateful I was, for what he gave me. He said if I m-made him v-very happy, he'd l-let me stay a virgin. So I did. I tried and tried, and it hurt my throat so bad, but I did not want to have a baby for him to hurt... he said he would, that he would like that... I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm sorry Jason! I had to lie to you, I couldn't tell, I couldn't."

"It's okay, love. It's okay," he said, swallowing suddenly as he realized what he'd just said. He never told someone he loved them, never. It was a rule he never broke. He didn't want to give anyone the wrong idea. But...

"He... he said he would hurt you if I didn't have sex with you this week," Kylie said, interrupting his thoughts. "I didn't tell him, I promise I didn't, but he said he'd waited long enough, and I had to get rid of it. He found out somehow that I loved you, and said he'd hurt you, hurt you bad so you could never play football again, so you'd be c-crippled, and it would be my fault."

"It's okay," Jason said, his voice as gentle as his face was angry. "It's okay... love."

Kylie curled into him, crying. "There are guns in the basement. He showed them to me, he said he'd use them. I... I told him I would kill myself if he raped me, and he said that if I did, he'd make sure you f-followed me."

Jason looked at the cop. "Do you need more?"

He nodded reluctantly. "I'm sorry, I need to know what happened tonight."

"Okay, tell him what happened tonight, love."

He caught a fleeting question in her eyes, confused and uncertain, and she whimpered, then took a deep breath. "I... I agreed to do whatever he wanted. I couldn't let him hurt Jason. Th..then he wanted me to please him, with my mouth, and I started to, but... suddenly I couldn't stand it, so I ran and hid beneath the bathroom cabinet. He found me, and drug me out by my hair. I screamed, and he hit me." She raised a hand to her bruised cheek. "I'm not sure exactly what happened after that... he took me to my room, and lifted me by my hair, and then I remember Jason hitting him and he fell down. That's all."

The cop looked down at what he had written, his face tense to the point of breaking. "That's enough. That's more than enough."

Jason looked at the cop. "You need mine now?"

He nodded. "Would it be easier for her if you gave yours in private?"

"Would it?" Jason asked, looking at her.

Kylie lay her head against his chest, eyes closing. She seemed just barely conscious. "Don't leave me," she whispered.

"Okay. You rest." He stroked her hair, mouthing to the officer to wait a couple of minutes, waiting for her to fall asleep.

The cop nodded, rubbing his forehead. It didn't take long; the sedative was apparently a very strong one. Soon, she was limp in Jason's arms.

"Okay," Jason said quietly. "Yesterday morning, Kylie and I were called into the principal's office. We're in the Program this week. She took it... hard. Pretty much freaked out. I did what I could to help her. Yesterday after school, her dad— the man she thought was her dad— showed up before she could get dressed again." He hesitated. "Something... wasn't right. I couldn't pin it down, I honestly don't think I could even now, but something about the way he looked at her... Anyway, I gave him a bullshit story about having to write a report on dressing her, so he let me get her dressed. Today, this morning, she didn't look good. I made some mistakes in talking to her before first period, and she got pretty upset, which led to us having a couple of long conversations. A couple of times, things she said or the way she reacted made me suspicious. At lunch she, um, gave me a hand-job— this was after we became a couple. She totally freaked when she realized that she had my, um, semen on her. Told me she couldn't let 'people' think she wasn't a virgin anymore, but she hesitated before saying people, like she'd originally been going to say something else."

Detective Ramirez frowned. "Go on."

Jason looked down at the girl asleep in his lap. "I was pretty sure then. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she couldn't tell me. I didn't want to push, so I let it go. Later, in English, she ended up giving me a blowjob. Now, I know she's a virgin— I'd touched her enough down there to be sure. And I know for a fact that the hand-job she gave me was the first she'd ever given. She didn't have a clue what to do. Officer, I'm not trying to brag, but I'm over nine inches when I'm hard, and pretty big around. There's no way a girl could deep throat me on the first blowjob she's ever given, especially without choking. And I'm on the football team, and I was at my last school. I've had lots of blowjobs, from girls who'd given lots of them. And I have never had a blowjob even close to that. Ever."

The cop murmured, "'I tried and tried, and it hurt...' son of a bitch..." He nodded at him to continue.

Jason sighed. "I walked her home, and she seemed nervous about being seen with me, so I kissed her goodbye at the corner. After practice, I decided to come by here..." He hesitated again. "I'm not sure why. I just had a bad feeling. When I got here, I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Then I heard him yelling. He said, 'Come back here, you little cock-tease!'." He looked at the cop. "I tried the door, and it wasn't locked. I could hear him yelling at her as I made my way up the stairs— he'd found her and dragged her to... that room." He didn't blink. "I stepped in the room and told him he was a dead man. And I meant it. I'm a second-dan black belt in jujitsu, and I had every intention of killing him— but she asked me not to." He looked down at her for a second, then back at the cop. "I didn't. I just knocked him out. Now I wish I had killed him. Let me make one thing plain, Officer. I won't make that mistake again. He's made threats, and I have to consider them credible threats, to kill or maim both me and my girlfriend. If he attacks me, I will assume he intends to kill me and I will respond with lethal force. And I will consider him coming within my reach an attack." He held the cop's gaze for a moment before continuing. "I handcuffed him and put him in the cage, then got her loose. He woke up, said she'd never testify, and that she wasn't his daughter anyway. He's right. He cannot possibly be her father. I called a friend of her mother's to come over here— he should be here any second. He might be able to help us find her real father."

"The rest you know."

Ramirez nodded. "I don't think you have to worry about him. There's more than enough here to put him away. We've searched the house. I saw that room, and there's probably enough DNA evidence in there to convict him all on its own." His eyes flashed angrily. "There's also one furnished bedroom in this house. And a chain at the foot of the bed. The only thing that would be more incriminating would be if the bastard had taken pictures or kept a journal, and from what she said, he just might have. If he did, we'll find it." He lowered his voice, "And I never said this, but I will by god make sure that everyone knows what the bastard is in for. Some things, even murderers won't tolerate."

Jason looked at the cop. "Thanks. I..." He looked down at her. "I didn't really know her yesterday. I've never found a girl I liked enough to want to be more than friends with. And... I think this is more than just like." He looked back up. "I will kill to protect her. But I'd really rather not have to."

The cop straightened up. "There were two older men arriving just as I came in here. One looked enough like you that I'm betting he's your dad? And the other is probably the friend you've been waiting for. I'll send them in."

Jason nodded. "Thanks." He hesitated. "Could you let them have a copy of our statements? It'd be easier if she didn't have to tell them herself."

The cop hesitated. "Yours, yes. Hers, no. That's her choice."

Jason sighed. "Could you stick around outside for a minute after they come in? There's a possibility that might change that, but it's not for me to talk about."

He frowned. "Well, I'm not really supposed to, but... okay."

"Thanks." Jason looked thoughtful. "Actually, there's a possibility it could be relevant to the situation. You might need to get another statement, I don't know. Depends on whether what I suspect is right.""

"I'll stick around a bit. They're still searching the house, anyway." He nodded to Jason and stepped out.