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Jason and Kylie, Naked in School Chapter 22

Kylie watched him, her eyes wide. She reached out and ran trembling fingers over the muscles of his abdomen, barely touching him, her gaze tracing the lines of his body.

"Would you like to unwrap your own present?" he asked, his hands paused at the waistband of his jeans.

She blushed. "You, please... for me?" she whispered, her voice hoarse.

"Sure, love," Jason said, smiling at her. He slid his underwear down with his pants, and reached for her hand, tugging her down so that she was laying on the bed. "Ready?"

Kylie swallowed hard, her breasts quivering with rapid, shallow breaths, and nodded, her gaze never leaving his face.

He knelt at the foot of the bed, bending to softly nibble on her big toe, sucking on it gently before kissing his way up to her ankle, then repeated the process with her other foot.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Kylie asked.

"Making love to you." Jason said, nibbling his way up her calf.

"That feels nice...." Kylie whispered. "But I can't kiss you if you're way down there."

"I know," Jason said, grinning up at her. "I want you to just concentrate on feeling what I'm doing. Trust me... you'll like it." He switched to the other knee, making his way up to the back of her knee, and sucked gently.

"Ooooh!" Kylie gasped. "O-okay."

He kissed his way up her thigh, pushing her leg back and up and nibbling at the crease before going back down to the other knee, working his way slowly up, backtracking occasionally for a longer kiss or nibble, until he reached the top, nipping at it gently.

"Ohhh... oh, Jason!" Kylie exclaimed, wriggling on the bed, her hands clutching at the blankets. "Oh, I love you...."

Jason blew on her clit gently, his mouth a fraction of an inch above it, and Kylie squealed and buried her hands in his hair, her hips thrusting up, pressing herself against his mouth. He sucked on her clit, his tongue making little circles, lapping at it.

"Jason! Oh god! Ohhhh... oh please!"

He moved lower, sucking her labia into his mouth, pressing his tongue against her opening, then back up to her clit, not teasing her, but trying to ensure she came hard when she came.

Kylie's hips thrashed up and down, side to side, her hands pulling at his hair. "Ohhh... oh fuck!" she cried out, slipping into Tibetan, a long string of words ending with, "Please!"

Jason slid his hands up, teasing her nipples as he made long strokes with his tongue. She half-screamed, her nipples rock-hard beneath his fingers, moving her hips rhythmically, grinding her clit against his mouth, right on the edge, out of her mind with lust, begging in a mixture of Chinese, English, and Tibetan for him not to stop.

He pulled one hand down, teasing the opening of her cunt, pressing gently against her hymen while changing to quick sideways strokes with the tip of his tongue. She screamed, arching her back off the bed, tearing at his hair as she came.

He didn't stop, didn't let up, just kept going as she sobbed his name, shuddering and convulsing, curling forward, shoulders off the bed, then slamming back hard and writhing wildly beneath his mouth. She pressed against him, hands in his hair, holding him tightly to her, before suddenly trying to pull his head away instead.

"Jason!" she cried out, in between bits of Tibetan and Chinese. "Enough! Oh, stop... oh! Please!"

He gave her one last lick, making her shudder violently, then raised his head up to look at her. "Like?"

"Oh God." She shuddered one last time. "Ohhh.... th-that was amazing. I thought I was going to die, it was so good! Is that what a blowjob is like?" she asked, wonderingly.

"Um. Probably close," Jason said. "But I think that may be better for girls than a blowjob is for guys."

"Amazing," she repeated.

He placed a gentle kiss on her clit, and she shuddered, pulling at him, urging her up his body, spreading her legs wide as he moved up. "Jason," she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. She felt tiny beneath him, fragile, as if he could crush her accidentally. "Please, now?"

He nodded jerkily. "Yes. Now. Would you like to be on top? That way you can control the pace."

"O-okay. Show me wh-what I should do."

Jason rolled over, pulling her on top of him. "Okay. Straddle my hips, reach back and aim me where you want me to go, and lower yourself slowly."

She straddled him, somewhat uncertainly, her hands on his chest for balance, and shivered, her fingers digging into his chest for just a moment. "Talk to me," she said, smiling tremulously. "Let me know it's you."

"I love you, Kylie," he said, looking up at her.

She shivered again, rubbing herself along the length of his cock. "Jason," she whispered. "I'm scared. Help me? I trust you, I want you, please...."

"Don't be scared, love," Jason said. "Nothing is going to happen here— nothing— that you don't want. Nothing will happen before you want. If you change your mind, and want to stop, we will, even if I'm half in you at the time."

"Oh, I love you!" Kylie said. She took a deep breath and raised up, sliding along the full length of his cock. Reaching down, she took him in her hand, wrapping her fingers around it gently. "T-tell me if I'm hurting you."

"I will, love, I will," he said. "But you won't hurt me."

She bit her lip, rubbing the head of his cock along her labia.

"Don't hurt yourself, love," he said. "I mean it. If you change your mind, or if it hurts, we can stop. I don't want to hurt you."

She pressed him against the opening of her cunt, against her hymen, and gasped. "It's... okay! Jason, this time has to hurt. And y-you're not exactly small!"

"Kylie, love, it doesn't have to hurt. Just go easy. Slowly." He placed his hands under her ass, supporting her. "I'll hold you up, you can go down just a little at a time."

She eased down just a bit, and he could feel her stretching around the head of his cock. She closed her eyes, sweat breaking out on her forehead.

"Easy, love. We've got all the time you want."

Kylie opened her eyes, focusing on his face and relaxing visibly. She nodded, taking a deep breath, and lowered herself another fraction of an inch.

"Oooh... oh, that stretches!" She bit her lip and slid her hips forward, the thin membrane of her virginity stretching against him, pressing hard on the head of his cock. "I want it. I don't want to wait. I want to do it now. Help me...."

Jason looked up at her, his hands on her hips. "It will hurt if we do it fast. Are you sure that's what you want?"

Kylie nodded shakily. "I want to do it. I want to get past it." She shivered. "I want to see what comes next!"

Jason gripped her hips tightly. "Take a deep breath...." She did, and he thrust up into her, hard. She screamed, collapsing on his chest, breathing hard, his cock almost all the way inside her. Her cunt gripped him like a vise, tighter than he'd ever felt, and a trickle of liquid made its way down his cock, leaving a trail of heat behind.

Kylie shuddered, her twitching cunt squeezing his cock even tighter, and he stroked her leg. "Just relax," he said. "Get used to it. Don't try to move yet."

"I'm okay," she said, nodding against his chest. "Just give me a second. Just hold me."

Jason ran his fingers along her spine, caressing her, and after a few more seconds she kissed his chest. "It... it didn't hurt as much as I expected," she said. "It's already fading. Ohh... oh god, Jason... you're inside of me...." She sucked in a breath and shivered. "Oh! Oh, yes...." Hesitantly, she moved her hips, gasping as the last of his cock slid inside her.

"Tight... you're so tight," Jason said, his voice strained. "Yes... do it, love. Make love to me."

"Ohhh... oh god, it doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all! Oh, Jason!" She raised up, and then sank back with a little scream, her nails digging into his chest. "OH! Oh please...."

Jason raised his head, kissing her, hard, and began to move inside her, arching his hips to slid all the way in, then lifting her with his hands so that she pulled almost all the way off.

"Oh! Ooooooh yes!" Her cunt squeezed his cock, letting it slide out only reluctantly, fluttering around it as he slid back in. With every movement she was hotter, wetter, and she put her hands on his chest and straightened up, looking down at him as she rode his cock. Her nipples were rock-hard, crinkled little nubs. Her tongue flickered over her half-parted lips, and she moaned, arching her back. "Ohhhh, oh please... please more...."

He raised up, sucking on her nipple, pulling her down hard, and she screamed again, thrashing against him. Her cunt squeezed him almost painfully hard, pulsing contractions rippling through it as she ground herself down on his cock and came.

He pushed up into her, the feel of her cunt rippling around him as she came pushing him over the edge, and as she felt him coming inside her she screamed even louder, clawing at his chest as every muscle in her body locked. When she finally came down, she went limp, leaving her suspended for an instant on his cock before she collapsed onto his chest in a boneless heap.

Jason held her, stroking her hair as she made little meaningless noises into his chest. Slowly they subsided, and after a few minutes he reached out with his free hand to pull the blanket over them before wrapping both arms around her and holding her as he drifted off to sleep with his cock still inside her.