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Jason and Kylie, Naked in School Chapter 23

Jason woke as Kylie stirred on his chest. "Hey, love," he murmured.

"Jason? What... oh, God, did I fall asleep on you? I'm so sorry!" She blushed, turning her face into his chest.

"It's okay. You didn't exactly fall asleep. You came so hard you passed out," Jason said. "That's... well, I've never had anyone do that before. It's the sort of thing that if I told the guys about it— I won't, don't worry— but if I did, I'd score major points."

"You... you don't want anyone to know?" Kylie asked, quietly.

Jason blinked. "Hell, yeah, I do. But I didn't think you'd want me talking about what we did. I mean, if you don't care, I'd love to brag about making you pass out." He grinned. "Make'm all jealous."

Kylie sighed, relieved. "I thought you might be regretting it."

"No. Hell no. It was... damn. Just... damn."

"Is it always like that?" Kylie asked, uncertainly.

"Kylie," Jason said slowly, "it has never been like that before. Ever. I don't know... maybe it's that much better because we're in love?"

Kylie hugged him, pressing her cheek against his chest. "It was amazing. I'm so glad it was that way for you, too. I was so afraid of disappointing you."

"Love, if you'd disappointed me any less, you'd be calling for an ambulance because I'd be dead. DAMN!" He twitched his hips, and she gasped. "Too sore? Or would you like to again?"

"Ohhhh.... Sore, but I don't care. I want it."

Jason grinned at her, moving slowly, and she moaned in response. "Mmm.... Nice. Wait!" Kylie said. "I want you above me. I want to look up at you while... while... ohhhhh!"

He pulled her close, rolling them over in the queen-sized bed so that he was on top. "Like this?" He pressed all the way into her.

"Ohhh, yes. Yes, Jason! Just like that... oh!" She opened her eyes and looked up at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I love you!"

"I love you too, Kylie." Jason kissed her, softly, gently, slowly sliding in and out of her. He gently bit the side of her neck. "Want me to give you a hickey so that everyone knows what we did?"

She shivered. "Ohhh.... Ye— No, not yet." She must have seen the disappointment on his face. "Ohh... yes you can, you can, just don't stop!" Her legs wrapped around his thighs, pulling him into her. "Don't stop."

Jason moved faster, nibbling on her neck, not hard enough to leave a mark, on her ear, moving faster, harder, deeper into her. She squealed, her nails digging into his shoulders. "Come for me, love," he whispered, his lips brushing her earlobe.

Kylie came completely off of the bed, her entire body supported by her arms around his neck and her legs around his thighs, and screamed, spasming around him as she came. He didn't stop, shoving into her harder, pushing her down into the bed, slamming into her. She sobbed, writhing helplessly, her nails tearing at his shoulder, head thrown back, eyes closed, screaming again as the orgasms ripped through her.

Jason kissed her, hard, and she returned the kiss almost violently, nipping and biting at his lips before tearing her mouth away and sinking her teeth into his shoulder to stifle the scream that slipped out. He sped up, moving faster in her, pulling almost all the way out and slamming into her so hard they bounce back up off the bed, nibbling on her ear. "Go ahead and scream if you want... just come for me. Come hard."

She screamed his name, rising up to meet him. Totally out of her head with lust, she clutched at him, urging him faster, deeper, harder. Her cunt was squeezing him constantly now, pulsing along the length of his cock, clinging to it when it slid out. He stiffened, pushing as deeply into her as he could get, and came. She screamed one last time, her cunt rippling around his cock, and collapsed on the bed beneath him, shuddering and twitching.

He slipped an arm beneath them, rolling over so that she was laying on top of him, and pulled the blanket back up, covering her, as her eyes fluttered open.

"Mmm?" She shuddered. "Ooooh.... Oh, my." Jason flexed his hips, moving his still mostly-hard cock inside her. "Ohhh... whoah, love, oh, too much. Easy, easy...."

"Okay, love." Jason stilled inside her, kissing her gently. She shuddered, relaxing again on top of him, wincing a bit as she moved.

"I didn't mark you, but you marked me," He said, touching his neck and checking for blood. "Now, about that hickey— did you mean it when you said yes, or when you said no?"

Kylie's eyes widened. "Oh! Oh, Jason, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be." He kissed her. "I think it's neat. Would you like a hickey, so that everyone knows it was you who marked me?" He snickered. "Imagine Sherry's face."

She hesitated, indecision plain to see. "I... I don't know. The idea is... tempting... but— I'm trying so hard not to be possessive, Jason, not to be jealous."

Jason grinned. "Kylie, it's okay. Really. And... would it help, knowing that even if I'm in econ getting relief from someone else that there's physical proof that I'm yours?"

She squeezed her eyes closed, swallowing hard. "It's... it's hard to think about. I know I have to. I can't just ignore it, that's not the way to make it work."

He nodded. "Yeah. Just remember that this," he twitched his hips, "is yours first, and everyone else is just borrowing it." He laughed. "Want me to get your name tattooed on it? 'Kylie's Dick'."

Kylie giggled. "No, no, that won't be necessary." She shook her head. "You are absolutely insane."

Jason shook his head. "Nope. Just in love." He nibbled on her neck. "I didn't want to assume that you meant it when you said yes before," he breathed. "But I think the idea of having matching marks is hot."

"You... you do?" Kylie tilted her head, giving him better access.

He nodded. "The thought of letting everyone know that we're together... that we belong to each other...." He bit just a touch harder, sucking.

"Jason," Kylie sighed, a shiver running through her body. "Ohhh... I don't want to embarrass you, or trap you... but if it's what you want, if you're sure...."

He kissed his way up to her lips, light little butterfly kisses. "I'm sure, love."

"Ohh...." Kylie shivered. "Then yes, oh yes."

Jason kissed his way back down, biting and sucking, lightly at first, then harder and harder. He was careful to keep it below the level that would hurt, and she shivered, goose bumps running down her arms. "Oh, yeah," he said, lightly running his fingernails down her back. "I'm sure. No question there." He stopped to examine his efforts. "Damn. I put it on the wrong side if we're going to be a matched set." He looked up at her with a serious expression. "I'm sorry, love, but I guess there's no other option except for you to put one on me to match."

Her eyes darkened from sea-green to pine, and she licked her lips. He could feel her body tighten beneath him, before she visibly stopped herself. "I don't want to hurt you...."

"Go ahead," he said, staring into her eyes. "I want them to know I'm all yours. They might be able to borrow me, but I'm not looking for a girlfriend anymore. I've got one."

Kylie shuddered, squeezing him again. "Stop me if I hurt you?"

"I'll stop you if you hurt me too much," he said.

She sighed in surrender and pressed her open mouth against his neck, nibbling tentatively at first, but, when he didn't object, sucked harder, holding his flesh between her teeth. She trembled, her little tongue working at the trapped flesh, her hips moving involuntarily.

Jason ran his fingernails lightly down her back. "Harder...."

She shivered violently, her cunt twitching around his cock, and she growled, deep in her throat, sucking at his neck, biting it.

"Yesss...." he hissed.

She whimpered, rotating her hips against him, and he flexed his hips experimentally, sliding a little further back inside her. She tore her lips away from his neck, moaning and tossing her head. Her legs slid apart, and she sank down over his hips, settling firmly down onto his cock and sitting up, out of reach of temptation.

"Don't you want to mark me?"

"Ohhhh.... I did. You are!"

"Oh!" Jason turned his head. "You could do it again...."

She shivered, looking at him hungrily, and he turned back, looking her in the eye. He nodded once, firmly, and exposed his neck again.

Kylie moaned helplessly, and fell on him, burying her face in his neck. Her hips moved faster, fucking him harder, as her teeth found his skin. She trembled with the effort of controlling herself, forcing herself to bite gently, suck and lick.

Jason traced his fingers along her back. "Harder. Fuck me harder. Bite me. Prove I'm yours."

She screamed, and he could feel her coming around his cock. Her teeth held him, and he could feel tension vibrating in her jaw. She kept moving, kept fucking him, riding out the spasms and not stopping as he raked his fingernails down her back, grabbing her hips and pulling her against him hard every time he slammed into her. She moaned, over and over again, the pitch rising with each moan, and as he drove her closer to another orgasm, her control slipped, and her teeth sunk into his skin. She came again with a muffled scream at the taste of his blood, and he stiffened, pulling her as hard against him as he could as he came.

"Oh— god— coming!"

Kylie tore her head away to scream at the top of her lungs, before collapsing on him again, unconscious.

Jason didn't quite join her, but he didn't have the energy to do much more than hold her. She lay there, exhausted, for over ten minutes before she stirred, her eyes still slightly dazed.

"Love you," he said, kissing her gently, licking at her lips. "But you've got to do something that's going to hurt. I'm sorry."


"You've got to pull off of me. I'm sorry, Kylie. If I'd been thinking, I wouldn't have let you make yourself so sore. But, well, you were laying on top of me and so hot and wet and tight...." He shivered. "I wasn't really thinking. Forgive me?"

"Oh, Jason—" She broke off with a gasp. "Oh, my god. Oh fuck!"

"What?" Jason frowned. "Are you okay, love? What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" she said, starting to cry.

"Kylie? Love? What's wrong?"

She reached up and her hand hovered over his neck, not quite touching. "I'm a m... monster! Oh, god, I'm so s—sorry!"

Jason looked at her, confused. "Kylie? What are you talking about?"

She brushed her hand, feather-light, against his neck, and held up her blood-smeared fingertips.

"Damn." Jason's eyes widened. "Would you believe I didn't notice?" He gently kissed the fingertips, licking away the blood. "It's okay, Kylie." He twisted his neck experimentally, then nodded. "Yeah. I've been hurt worse than this playing football— and trust me, playing football is nowhere near as enjoyable as making love with you."

Kylie lowered her head to his chest, crying quietly. "I don't know how I could do that to you. I love you."

He pulled her chin back up. "I know you do. You lost control. Fuck, Kylie... I was worried that you might not be able to enjoy sex. Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to know that I made you lose control that much?"

"But you don't understand!" Her voice was choked with self-loathing. I liked it. Oh, god, I actually liked hurting you!"

"Kinky," he said, kissing her again.

"Depraved! Monstrous! I'm as bad as He is!"

Jason grabbed her chin, forcing her to look him straight in the eye. "No, you aren't. There's a very big difference: I was willing."

"You didn't know! You didn't know I was going to attack you like some wild animal... how could you be willing?"

He sighed. "Kylie, how much do you weigh?"

"What?" She stared at him. "What kind of question is that? Besides, you were there, you know how much I weigh."

"Did I have any trouble picking you up, any of the times I have?"

"Of course not," Kylie said, shaking her head in confusion.

"Then do you really think I couldn't have stopped you if I'd wanted to?" he asked.

She took a deep breath. "Jason... yes, you could. But... even if you were, even if it was worth it to you, that still doesn't excuse it. Taking pleasure in the pain of someone I love... I can't imagine anything more evil."

Jason shook his head, sadly. "I'm surprised, Kylie. You read ahead in every other class, didn't you read ahead in sex?"

"I didn't want to be in that class, Jason," Kylie said. "It was required for my major, but it wasn't a subject I enjoyed."

He managed not to laugh, but just barely. "You mean there's actually a class where I read more of the book than you did? Believe it or not, love, this is mentioned at the end of the book. It's called sadomasochism, and it's normal."

"It is not normal to want to hurt someone, Jason."

He grinned. "Get your book and I'll show you."

"I don't care what the book says," Kylie said. "It's not normal! It's wh-what He did t-to me! It's not normal, it's not."

"No, it's not the same," Jason said, shaking his head. "He didn't care what you wanted. You care what I want. Kylie, love, don't you remember me saying I didn't notice? Actually, that's not entirely true. I felt it, and it just turned me on more, because I was so turned on. How often do you think a guy comes three times in forty-five minutes? Never, that's how often. I liked it. I liked making you that out of control. I liked turning you on like that. Really."

"R-really?" Kylie asked.

He nodded, his eyes never leaving hers. "Really."

She blushed, looking down. "Oh. I... over reacted, huh?"

Jason grinned. "It's okay, love. I understand why." He paused. "Um. Sit up, so I can see you?"

Kylie nodded, still avoiding his eyes, and pushed herself up on her hands. When she started to move her lower body, however, she gasped, collapsing against him. "Ow!"

"Are you all right?"

"Ah... you were right," she said, smiling weakly. "My... um... I'm sore."

"How bad?" Jason asked.

"Um. Pretty bad."

He frowned. "How about I roll us over so you're on bottom, and then very carefully pull out?"

Kylie nodded, biting her lip.

He rolled them over as carefully as possible. "Ready?"

She took a deep breath, squeezing her eyes shut. "Ready."

He flexed his hips, slowly pulling out, and she sucked in a breath as he slid free, releasing it as the head finally slipped wetly out. Blushing, she closed her legs to hide the wetness seeping from her, flinching at the pain the movement caused.

"Are you okay, love?" Jason asked.

Kylie reached up to touch his cheek. "God, Jason... I'm not the one bleeding! I deserve a little pain!"

He held himself up on one arm, catching her hand with the other and planting a kiss on the fingertips. "It's okay, love," he said, worried. "You know, you did pass out each time. Maybe we should take you back to the doctor."

"NO!" Kylie blushed, brightly. "No," she said again, more quietly, "I'm fine."

"Um," Jason said, surprised at her vehemence. "You promise? No pretending you're okay when you aren't?"

"I promise," Kylie said. "Just... no, okay?"

"Okay, love," Jason said. He turned his neck experimentally. "I probably ought to have you go over this with alcohol, shouldn't I?"

Kylie paled. "Oh, god, yes," she said. "I'm so sorry. Do you need a doctor?"

"Nah. I'll be fine," he said, shaking his head. He looked at her, then down at himself. "Um. Remember what I told you about having to talk to your dad about this? I don't think that's going to be even a little optional, when they see us."

"Oh, god." She closed her eyes. "I didn't think. Oh no." Tears trickled from the corners of her eyes.

Jason squeezed her hand. "Kylie? Kylie, look at me. What's wrong?"

"What are they going to think of me, Jason? When they see wh-what I did to you?" She turned her head away, not opening her eyes. "Bad enough th-that I c-couldn't even w-wait a while, but instead I jumped on you the f-first chance I got, a total slut."

He lowered himself down beside her. "Kylie, look at me. Open your eyes and look at me."

"And then I hurt you." She looked up at him, green eyes miserable.

"Do you know what your dad said when I told him you got the shot?"

"Wh-what?" she asked.

"He said, and I quote, 'Well, that might be a good sign.'"

"I don't understand," Kylie said, shaking her head.

"Kylie, liking sex does not make you a slut. If it did, I would be a slut," Jason said.

"You can't," she said. "You're a guy. It's different."

"No, it's not," he said.

"But... what if I am? The very first time I could, I did. More than once." She blushed, swallowing hard. "My throat's sore, from screaming. I... I liked it. More than liked it."

Jason grinned. "Kylie, think for a second about what we saw in the closet, and in the drawer. Do you really think your stepmother isn't someone who really likes sex?"

"I... guess you're right. Jason—" She broke off, hesitating.

"What, love?"

She nibbled at her lower lip, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she sat up in the bed, wincing as the motion strained sore flesh. She reached for the blanket, pulling it over her lap, not looking at him as she did so. "I... I know that my... perceptions... of some things are messed up...."

He nodded, stroking her cheek. She avoided his eyes, as if she really didn't want to say whatever she was working up to.

"Go on, love," he said.

"I was raised by someone who'd been... badly hurt... by men, by sex. I w-wonder sometimes, if H-He did the same things to her that He d-did me, and if that's why she ran away." She seemed to be fighting with herself, uncertain whether to go on. "And then... I came here, and He... started training me. L-like a d-dog, or something. Like an animal. And things got so m-mixed up. I don't remember anymore what came from her, or from him, or what... if anything... I decided for myself."

She pulled the covers up around her, hiding beneath them. "He taught me to be a slut, Jason," she whispered. "To do everything he wanted, but n-not just to do it, but to ask for it. Beg for it. He t-told me that all that kept it from being real was my virginity, th-that once I'd had a taste, he wouldn't have to u-use pain to punish me anymore, that rewarding me with p-pleasure would make me more willing than pain ever had. I'm afraid—" She pulled the covers up tight, burying her face in them.

Jason tugged the blanket back down. "You're afraid he made you this way." He started to say something more, but shook his head. "No, I won't lie to you. I can't tell you if he did or not. I don't know what you would have been like. But I do know this— if he did make you like this, then that's one area where he fucked up. He would have been doing it to hurt you— and he failed. Because, Kylie, there's nothing wrong with liking sex. Nothing at all. And I can prove it."

"Jason, I'm more afraid that he was right," she whispered. "That I'd d-do anything, anything at all, for it, for my own pleasure. Even hurt someone. Like I hurt you. Like he hurt me."

"No," Jason said, shaking his head again. "I can't see you doing that, not hurting someone who's not willing." He took her chin in his hand and gently turned her head to look at him. "But, love, I saw how hard you came. If you want to do that again— I'm willing. I like making you happy. And I know that you wouldn't do that if you thought I didn't want you to. Even this time— I told you to bite harder."

"Wh-what if it takes more, next time?" Kylie asked. "When it's not new. What if it takes more and more until no one would willingly do it? What if this is how someone like Him starts? What if He lied and I am His daughter, and I've inherited His... His sickness?"

"It won't, Kylie," Jason said, stroking her cheek. "You aren't that kind of person. That's just one more of his lies. Don't believe them, please. There are lots of people who like pain and inflicting it, really. And as long as you aren't doing anything to someone who hasn't agreed to it, there's nothing wrong with it, okay? If you let him poison how you feel about sex, he wins. Don't. Trust me, please, and don't think that. That's not the way it is." He smiled at her, kissing her lightly. "You aren't the only girl who's bitten me, you know, just the only one who drew blood when she did. It's not that unusual."

"It's not? I'm not?"

"No, love, it's not," he said, shaking his head. "You are, though. You're special." He kissed her again, gently.

"Will you promise to tell me if you think... if you think I'm going too far?" she asked, in a small, hesitant voice.

"I will, love. I promise," he said, nodding.

She sighed, relaxing against him, wincing as she snuggled closer. "I don't think you're supposed to do it so much at once the first time, though. You read the book... am I right?"

"Um. Well. Yeah," he admitted. "Like I said, if I'd been thinking... but, well, you were... were... just incredible."

Kylie sighed happily, before stiffening. "What are we going to tell him?"

Jason looked at her. "Well, how about the truth?"

"Will he believe it? That I wanted it? You didn't, not at first."

Jason nodded. "He will, because he knew I worried about the possibility that you'd try to do it out of gratitude, and he knows I didn't want that."

"Oh," she said. "I... I was afraid he might be angry with you. I'll make sure he knows it was totally my choice."

"Okay, love," Jason said. "Do you want me there when you talk to him about it?"

"Ooooooh, god, this is embarrassing. But... yes."

Jason nodded rapidly in agreement. "Embarrassing as hell. Sooo... how about we clean my neck up, eat some lunch, and then crawl back in this bed and go to sleep for a while?"

"A shower first, definitely, but yes," Kylie said.

"Can you walk, or do you need me to carry you?"

She laughed. "Um... I'd like to say that I'm not that weak, but... I'm not sure I can. Carry me? Just this one more time?"

He grinned. "Anytime, love. You don't have to walk from class to class if you don't want." He slid off the bed, and slipped his arm under her, picking her up. As he did so, his arm brushed the wet sheet, and he noticed that her thighs and buttocks were wet as well. As he lifted her, he could see the large red stain, still wet and dark.

"Oh, fuck," he said, freezing, his voice strangled. "Where's your clothes? We've got to get you back to the doctor."

"Jason, what's wrong?" Kylie asked, alarmed. "I'm fine, love."

He shook his head, tilting her so that she could see. "Open your legs. I need to know if— if you're still bleeding. Oh god."

"A-all virgins bleed some," Kylie said, but her face was pale. "It's natural. I'm okay. It's not that bad. Let's... let's get cleaned up so we can tell if it's stopped. Don't worry, love."

Jason swallowed, shaking slightly. "That much? Are you sure I don't need to take you to the doctor?"

"Love, I've lost more blood and been just fine, afterwards," she said. "It... It just looks like a lot. I'm sure it would hurt if there were anything wrong. Probably it's because I've waited so long."

He nodded, carrying her to the bathroom. "If you're still bleeding after the shower...."

"Don't worry," Kylie said. "Please don't worry. I'll be fine. You didn't hurt me."

He gently sat her down outside the shower, watching to make sure her shaky legs would hold her before reaching in to turn on the water. Once he had it adjusted, he stepped in, and held out his hand to help her in, ready to catch her if she slipped.

She managed to raise her leg and step into the tub, but not without an involuntary gasp of pain. She shivered, leaning against him. "I think I know what she meant about overdoing it with exercise, now."

"Okay, that's it," Jason said, slipping his arm around her to hold her up. "We're going to see the doctor after the shower."

"No! Please, Jason, I'm fine," she said. "I'm just sore and kind of shaky. I mean, consider what we did.... aren't you tired, too?"

He frowned a bit, then nodded grudgingly. "Okay, but you have to promise to eat a big lunch."

"I'll eat. Quite willingly," she said. "I told you I'm not anorexic or anything. After that, I'm starving. Don't worry so much, I'm fine." She turned to let the warm water wash over the front of her thighs, and frowned thoughtfully. "I'm going to have to sit down, though, to get clean. I don't think I can do it standing up. The angle's just wrong."

Jason knelt down in front of her, getting the washcloth wet. "I'll do it, love."

Kylie swallowed hard. "O-okay." She put her hands on his shoulders, and raised one leg up onto the side of the tub, flinching a bit.

He began, very gently, to wash her, starting at the crease of her right leg and working down and in. The blood washed away, turning the water pink, as he carefully cleaned her swollen, tender cunt, but even so she tensed, fingers digging into his shoulders just a bit as he washed away the blood and cum.

"Soap?" she squeaked.

Jason slowed. "Sorry, love. I'm being as gentle as I can. Um. Do you want soap? Wouldn't that sting?"

"Ooh... yes, it would," she said. "But does it need it? I can handle it, if it does."

He shook his head. "I don't think it does." He washed her legs clean, then stood. "Feel clean enough?"

She sighed in relief, bringing her leg down. "Yes, thank you," she said, blushing.

Jason stood up, turning off the water. He stepped outside, and took the towel, holding it open for her to step into, and caught her as she stumbled a bit. "Here, sit down," he said, wrapping her in the towel. "I'll sit on the floor in front of me, and you can get my neck." He pulled out the alcohol from the medicine cabinet.

Kylie sat, wincing at the bruise on his neck that was visible now that the blood had been washed away. She gently dabbed at the tooth-marks with the alcohol-soaked square of gauze, biting her lip as he sucked in a breath. "I'm so sorry. Oh, my poor love, my poor baby...."

"Kylie?" he asked. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can," she said. "You can ask me anything."

"Did you mean it when you said you wouldn't mind if I bragged about this?"

"I... the only reason I would want you not to is to keep people from hurting you with it. I'm—" She looked down. "I'm amazed that you want me. I could never be ashamed of that, even if I kind of am of my own behavior. That you'd be willing to admit that you wanted me, that you were pleased by me... that's just... so sweet it hurts."

Jason grinned. "Kylie, love, I'm gonna tell everyone. But there's something I don't think you realize. Do you have any idea what this is going to do to my reputation?"

"I do," Kylie said, looking at the floor. "I'm sorry."

"Obviously you don't," he said, shaking his head. "Look, do you realize what your reputation was this week? Untouchable. Frigid. Remember what Sherry said? When I walk in tomorrow, and people see this," he touched his neck, "and I tell them you did it when you lost control during sex, well... damn. My reputation will be made, forever. I thawed you and then turned you into a raging tiger. I mean, damn, can you get any better than that?"

"Jason... soon, everyone will know that I wasn't untouchable. That I've been... doing what I did for years. They'll think you settled for shoddy, used merchandise."

He shook his head again. "I doubt it," he said. "You never did anything because you wanted to. Kylie, most people know that people who have been sexually abused have serious trouble with sex; with them, it'll just make my reputation better. And I could give a fuck about the rest."

Kylie gave him an adoring look. "You're so amazing. You're not like anyone else in the world."

Jason shrugged. "Nah. I'm not all that." He grinned up at her. "Except in bed. I do believe that after today, I can honestly claim to be really damned good in bed."

She giggled. "Fine by me. Now, feed me before I expire on the bathroom floor."


"Wait!" she said. "We have to wash that sheet!"

"Oh. Yeah." He hesitated. "Okay, can you feed yourself while I change and wash the sheet?"

"I can help you, and then fix food for both of us," Kylie said. "I didn't really mean you had to feed me!"

Jason grinned. "Go eat. I know how to run a washing machine, though..." He grimaced. "I think that sheet will probably be ruined forever." He perked up. "Think your mom would let me have it as a keepsake?"

Kylie looked at him in wide-eyed horror. "You have got to be kidding."

"Nope," he said, shaking his head. "I'm perfectly serious, love. I always want to remember today."

"I do, too," she said. "How could I forget it? But... a sheet? With blood on it? Bleeding isn't the part I want to remember! And if it is, to you, you've probably got a scar to remember me by."

"True," he said, considering. "But it is special, love. Your first time." He grinned. "Go get some food. I'll throw the sheet in the dryer."

"Jason!" she said. "You can NOT show them that sheet!"

"Why not?"

"They'll think you murdered me!"

"Nah, they'll see you right there," he said, laughing. "But okay. It's probably pretty stain proof, anyway."

Kylie sighed in relief. "If you want my blood, you can have it, but don't scare my... parents. I'll bleed on anything you want."

He laughed again. "That's okay." He stood up. "Okay. You fix food we can eat on the bed while I fix the bed, we eat lunch, we pass out. Plan?"

"No sex?" Kylie blinked up at him innocently.

Jason stared at her for a moment, then grinned, lightly drawing a finger over her cunt lips. She gasped, but obligingly spread her legs, and he probed lightly at the opening, causing her to wince slightly. "Sure you want sex?"

"I... I was joking, but if you want to...."

"No, love," he said, shaking his head, his voice gentle. "Never when you can't enjoy it."

"I love you," she said. "I would always enjoy it. Just knowing you want me feels so good...."

He frowned. "You're still bleeding, just a little." He leaned over, giving it a gentle kiss. "You might want to put some underwear on."

"I think that would hurt," she said, standing. "Okay, go get the sheet started. I'll meet you in the bedroom with the food."