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Jason and Kylie, Naked in School Chapter 3

Kylie carefully avoided looking at Jason as he returned to his desk, but he made a point of grinning at her as he stretched.

"You're shameless!" she whispered, giggling slightly.

He nodded rapidly, pleased he'd been able to make her relax, if only a little. "Yup! It's fun!"

She shook her head and looked down at her desk, refusing to look at anyone, and blushing brightly when he whispered, "Sure you don't want to get some relief?"

"Well," said the teacher. "Now that we've had a most excellent example of the mechanics of the male sexual response, we'll get back to chapter 2, the female sexual response."

"No way!" whispered Kylie, almost inaudible beneath the teachers voice.

"You might like it..." replied Jason.

Kyle just shook her head.

"Your loss," he shrugged, then opened his book to the page indicated:a full-page close up of the female genitalia in a state of arousal.

"Of course, women vary in appearance," Ms. Smith began her lecture. "You or your girlfriend won't necessarily show the same symptoms of arousal to the same extent as the model in your textbook. You have to learn the more subtle signs. Can anyone tell me what those are?"

Jason grinned. "Heavy breathing."

She nodded. "Faster breathing, flushed skin, raised heartbeat, hardened nipples. Of course, the first three can be caused by exertion, and the fourth by cold, so how do you tell the difference?"

"Well," Jason said, "if my face is between her legs, she probably hasn't been running anywhere...."

The teacher smiled. "But by that time, hopefully you've reached the point where you should have no doubt about her arousal. What we're examining here, though, is the initial response. How do you tell if your attentions are arousing her, or if you're boring her, or bothering her? What sort of signs would those be?"

One of the guys in the front row raised his hand. Jason recognized him; it was the boy who'd run Kylie into the closet earlier. "I don't know the answer, but... it seems to me that a lot of the same responses have a lot of different meanings. If you're looking for one, you might not realize you're really getting something totally different. It could be dangerous."

Ms. Smith nodded. "Exactly. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between fear and arousal. Women don't have a handy lust-o-meter like you guys do. And to complicate things further, sometimes a woman can be afraid and aroused at the same time."

Jason noticed Kylie's blush deepening as the teacher went on. "In fact, some women get frightened by their own arousal, and don't know how to respond to it, especially if it's a new experience for them. What do you think you should do in that case?"

David shook his head helplessly. "I don't have a clue. Leave her the heck alone, I guess."

The teacher smiled noncommittally. "That's one answer. Anyone else?"

"Um, try to, kind of, ease her into it?" Jason asked.

A girl in the front row, a cheerleader named Becky, spoke up. "Just do it. I mean, if she's turned on, then she'll get over the fear, right? I say don't let her get away with acting all coy when she really wants it." A couple of the guys nodded in agreement, but most of the other girls looked at her like she'd grown two heads.

"That's bullshit!" Jason said, then blushed.

The teacher raised an eyebrow. "I would say, rather, that it's based on a mistaken assumption, but I'd like to hear the basis of your opinion, Jason."

"Well, uh, I mean... if you force her, that's rape, and she might not ever get over it," Jason said, his face still red.

The girl in the front row turned around to face him. "If she's turned on, it can't be rape."

"Oh, bullshit," Jason said. "It's rape if she doesn't want it. Just cause she's turned on doesn't mean she wants to have sex— maybe she just wants to make out, or maybe she just wants oral sex."

"So?" Becky asked. "That counts as doing it, too. But it's that virginal type that whines and whimpers 'oh, don't do that' while she's dripping wet that I mean. The best thing for them would be if someone didn't listen to them and just went on and showed them there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Goddamn, you are one sick bitch, you know that?" Jason said. "No means no. I tell you, I ever catch a guy pulling that shit, he'll be lucky to walk away. Hell, he'll be lucky to walk period."

The teacher cleared her throat. "No threats, guys. Let's examine why Becky's suggestion is wrong, shall we?"

Jason blushed again. "Sorry."

"It's important to note, and I think Becky is not aware of the fact, that the body and the mind don't always work together. Your body can do things that your mind is screaming in horror about. Arousal, when you get right down to it, is a physical response. Now, it's a good thing, a wonderful physical response, but we shouldn't give it too much importance. We're not purely physical creatures, after all. Let me give you an example." The teacher paused for a moment.

"Okay, suppose you have a girl, call her Mary. Now, Mary is allergic to peaches. If she eats peaches, she breaks out in hives and it can even be life-threatening. She knows this, so she avoids them. But one day, she's eating out and suddenly realizes that the dessert she just took a bite out of is full of peaches. The problem is that her taste-buds— her physical reaction— are in rapture. It's the best darned thing she's ever tasted. Her tongue wants her to eat and eat and order seconds. By your logic, Becky, someone should hold her down and pour it down her throat, because it's what her body wants. Do you see the problem here?"

Becky hesitated. "Yeah, I guess so," she said. "But, Ms. Smith, no one is allergic to sex! Sex won't kill you, it doesn't hurt, it's just not a harmful thing."

"But sex can hurt you, Becky. Not all pain is physical." The bell rang. "Okay, chapter three reading for homework tonight. Kylie, Jason, stay for a moment. Don't worry, I've arranged with the gym teacher for you to be a bit late."

"Okay," Jason said, surprised.

After the class was empty, Ms. Smith walked over and hopped up on the desk in front of them, facing the two of them. "Okay, first off, you're not in any trouble. I just wanted to talk to you a bit, with a little privacy, and see how you were doing. Kylie, you don't look so good."

Kylie shrugged and studied the grain of the desktop.

Ms. Smith frowned and tried again. "The purpose of the Program is not to traumatize you or torture you. It's to help you become more comfortable in yourself."

Jason looked at Kylie, then at Ms. Smith. "She's not doing so good. Sorry, Kylie, but it's the truth."

The teacher nodded. "Yes, I can see it is. Kylie, can you tell me why it bothers you so much? Maybe we can work through it."

Kylie squirmed uncomfortably. "I don't like being touched. I don't feel safe, and I am comfortable in myself; I'm NOT comfortable being forced to be something I'm not."

"You don't feel safe why?" the teacher prodded.

Kylie blinked at her, confused. "Um, because I'm naked and people are touching me and I don't want them to?" She didn't add, "Well, duh," but it was clearly implied.

"Honey, why does their attention make you feel unsafe? Do you think someone is going to hurt you?"

"Y— no— I don't know. They could," Kylie said.

"But they won't. Or if they do, they always would. You can't assume that everyone means you harm. You have to take their intent into account. Do you think the boys out there intend to hurt you, physically or emotionally?"

Kylie slowly shook her head.

"Then do you think the Program leaders and your parents intend for you to be hurt?"

Kylie shook her head again, more slowly. "I know you don't mean to hurt me."

Jason gave her a curious glance, wondering why she left her parents out of the statement.

"Then, honey, can't you let yourself relax and accept the intent? If someone does touch you, or make a request with the intent of hurting you, then that is NOT a reasonable request." She looked at Jason. "Understand? Touching because she's beautiful, looking to admire, that's reasonable. Things intended to hurt, humiliate, or scare her are not. It's the intent that counts."

Jason nodded. "Right." He hesitated. "I wouldn't have agreed it was a reasonable request even if the rules said it was."

Ms. Smith smiled. "Good. You seem to have a good grasp of the spirit of the rules. Kylie, we can't take you out of the Program. We won't. I really do think it will be good for you. But you can have all the support you need. You have your partner to look out for you, and you can always come talk to me or one of the counselors. That's what we're here for. And if you need to talk about something else, that's okay too. We might can help. But I want you to be thinking about not just what bothers you, but why it bothers you. You might find that the reasons aren't as reasonable as they seemed before you examined them."

Jason hesitated, then looked at Ms. Smith. "Could I ask for a slight change in the Program rules, at least for this week?"

"Oh?" Ms. Smith asked.

"Well, I know we're supposed to use the locker rooms of the other sex, but... I don't mean this bad, Kylie, I really don't, but I don't think you'd make it if you had to be alone in the guy's locker room."

Kylie went white as a sheet. "I... I didn't think about that."

The teacher looked thoughtful as Kylie started shaking again. "I see your point. But we can't just throw out that requirement. However... I think we can bend it a bit. You may stay together during locker room time. Today you will use the boy's showers, tomorrow you will use the girls, and when you are at practice, Jason, you will shower with the cheerleaders and the girl's track team that meets at the same time. That should keep some of the girls from being too terribly disappointed, anyway."

Jason grinned. "Heh. Like I'm gonna argue with that?"

"Thank you," Kylie said. "I... thanks. That will help."

Jason looked thoughtful for a second. "Hey, Kylie?"


"Do you walk to school, or ride the bus, or what?"

"I walk," she said. "We don't live far away."

"Would you feel better if I walked you to school?" Jason asked. "Home, too, if you want to wait till after practice."

Kylie hesitated, then nodded. "Um. Yeah, to school. I can't stay after, though. I have to get home on time."

"Okay," Jason said, nodding.

Ms. Smith smiled. "Like I said, we're not trying to torture you, Kylie. Now, you two go on to class, and I'll call ahead so the coaches know about our arrangement. Promise you'll think about what we talked about?"

Kylie nodded, a touch reluctantly, and Jason scooped up her books, stacking them on top of his. "Okay, shall we?" he asked.

Kylie swallowed. "'K," she said, before following him into the deserted halls.

"Kylie, it's okay. Really. Nobody's gonna hurt you, okay?"

Kylie shrugged, watching her feet, and Jason rested his hand on her shoulder gently. "I promise, okay? And I keep my promises."

Kylie smiled quickly up at him. "I know."